Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Do You Need Jesus

As your Rector and Shepherd, I can’t emphasize enough how critical Palm Sunday and Holy Week are both to our spiritual lives and to our understanding of Jesus. I urge you therefore, whatever you have planned that would take you away from worship on Palm Sunday and Holy Week, reschedule it! I promise you will come away with an understanding of our Lord and Savior that will bless you! It’s for this reason we have taken a momentary pause in our preaching series on the Fruit of the Spirit (which we will get back to the Sunday after Easter). There simply is no service of the year quite like Palm Sunday. We begin with jubilation and fanfare as we reenact the day Jesus rides into Jerusalem a final time. But then as the service continues, the mood changes and we continue the journey of Jesus to the Cross. This is why we end our service with a reading of the crucifixion of our Lord. By the end of our worship on Palm Sunday and through Holy Week I pray we will discover and rediscover our need for Jesus.

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