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Can We Be Good Without God ?

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness….Goodness
Here we are on the 6th fruit of the Holy Spirit: Goodness. For some the word goodness conjures up such images as the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live; the living symbol of the hypocritical and judgemental but “good” Christian person. It might bring to mind the image of the 1960’s hippie, just wanting peace, goodness and justice for all. Yet those images don’t come close to the true definition of goodness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. For that we turn to Jesus the Good Shepherd as found in John 10. So, can we be good without God? Does it take God to be good?

To refresh your memory here is a review of the Fruit of the Spirit:
Love: The kind of Agape’ love that expects nothing in return
Joy: Exhilaration and delight, regardless of circumstance
Peace: Contentment through conquest
Patience: Restraint without complaint
Kindness: The key to the door that unlocks God’s Grace
Goodness: Stay tuned!

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