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The Resurrection:  Bite-sized apologetics for teens

The Resurrection can be a hard teaching to understand. To walk your kids through this truth, begin by asking them the simple question of whether they believe in Jesus. If so, then you can assure them that the promise of going to Heaven after we die is a big part of our faith. Explain that Jesus died and rose again, or was resurrected, and this is the same thing that will happen to us in order to bring us to Heaven. Rely on the simple answer with this issue:  The resurrection of Jesus means everything to the Christian faith. If Jesus was raised from the dead, then we too can be raised to Heaven.

To further dialogue with your teen, here are some points of truth that con rm the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our eternal life in heaven:

  • All four gospels tell of Jesus being raised from the dead. Though told from different perspectives, the accounts confirm that the Resurrection indeed occurred. Many eyewitnesses saw Jesus after the resurrection. We don’t have to rely on just one account between the Resurrection and His ascension to Heaven. To read about this in more detail, read along with your teen in the four gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, from the time of the resurrection until His ascension to Heaven:  Matthew 28:1-20; Mark 16:1-20; Luke 24:1-53; and John 20:1-21:25.
  • In the passages above, Jesus spoke, ate food, let the disciples touch His scars, etc. He also walked through walls and moved distances quickly. This shows the uniqueness of Jesus’ resurrection body. Explain to your kids that while He was not a ghost, Jesus was also not just a man who escaped the grave. He had a distinct resurrection body.
  • When believers die, our eternal soul will go to be with the Lord. We will no longer need our earthly bodies. When we are in Heaven we will receive glorified bodies, like Jesus had after the resurrection. Assure your teen that we will have special eternal bodies that will have no sickness, no sadness, and no sin. We will be perfect! We can read more about this in 1 Corinthians 15.
  • With the understanding of Jesus being raised from the dead, we also have hope that as Christians, we will also be raised from the dead and will spend eternity with God in Heaven. This is a great comfort to us as well as our children. It is Jesus’ resurrection power that makes this promise of Heaven possible for us. We can rest in the truth that He was able to raise Himself; therefore, He will also raise us. We have a lasting hope of eternity.
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