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Restoring Our Foundation Ministries by The Rt. Rev. Alex Dickson

Restoring Our Foundations Ministries is led by Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, and his wife Freda. Emmanuel Kolini served as archbishop of Rwanda from 1997 – 2012. They came to Rwanda from the Congo shortly after the deadly conflict in Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes.

Upon his retirement, Emmanuel and Freda spent much time in prayer seeking to discern how they could continue to serve the Lord and His Church. In time they sensed that the Lord was directing them to look at the very foundation of human society — the family. The Lord led them to Psalm 11, verse 3 in their meditations.

Then they began to seek direction from the Lord as to how they would do this ministry. Soon, they began to meet with some of the clergy and their wives.  When they gathered they would spend time reading the Scriptures, and then discussing what each one felt the Lord
was saying to them. Out of these gatherings, they came to the
following conclusions:

   The family is the God-ordained cornerstone of human society

God is calling the righteous to the vital task of rebuilding the foundations of society by helping achieve a biblical home life for as many people as possible.

Strong families make strong churches, leading to strong communities and in turn make a strong nation.

The foundation of a family
is based on four pillars:

Pillar 1 — Restoring Biblical Manhood and Fatherhood

Pillar 2 — Restoring Biblical Womanhood and Motherhood

Pillar 3 — Restoring  Biblical Childhood

Pillar 4 — Restoring Biblical Home Life

The foundation is certain! Jesus is the very foundation (1 Cor. 3:11) and He offers the model for every human society. Awakening ourselves and the world to the transforming power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit’s work within the family is the heart-beat of ROF Ministries.

Archbishop and Freda began leading this ministry by gathering pastors and their wives and lay leaders in a geographical area and teaching them the Biblical approach to family life. They gathered such groups in Rwanda in the beginning.  Now, they are trying to expand this ministry to other African countries:  Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and the Congo. They realized that to do this, they needed help. They needed to have a staff of trained people to go into these countries.

In the fall of 2014, Archbishop Kolini came to the United States for a meeting. While he was in the U.S. he came to visit Jane and me in Charleston. We have been close friends since we began to work together in 1998 to preserve orthodox Christian Faith in provinces all over the world.

Emmanuel explained to us the new ministry to which the Lord had called he and Freda to begin. We responded to him declaring that we need this kind of ministry in this country as much as the people of Africa need it.

Then, he said to me, “Alex, I need your help!” I said to him, “Emmanuel, I would do anything to help you. What do you want me to do?” He asked me to form and lead a committee of men and women, chosen from the people we had worked with the last 15 years. The purpose of this committee would be to raise funds necessary to expand the ministry of ROF to other countries. After a time of prayer together, I agreed to accept his request that I lead such a committee. We began our work and by the grace of God we were able to raise $50,000. More than half of this money came from individuals here at St. Michael’s and a grant from GIC Funds. 

Archbishop Kolini is coming to express his deep gratitude to the people of St. Michael’s. He will be speaking during St. Michael’s Too Time at 9:15 on Sunday, October 9. I am praying that many, many of you will come to hear what Emmanuel Kolini has to say about restoring our family foundations.