Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Reflections from the Day of Healing Prayer

‘Slaying the Dragon’ with the Rev. Jason Hamshaw  

By Laura Waring Gruber and Laura Gruber

Dragging my teenage daughter out of bed on a Saturday morning, I trusted that God had a message for us to hear, despite her arms crossed and eyes fixed on the ground. When the Rev. Hamshaw anointed her before the intercessory prayer session, referring to the prodigal son, he told her that God was waiting to throw a huge party just for her. Later she said, “It was like he read my mind and knew what I was thinking, and he knew I didn’t want to be there. But I was glad I was there and I was glad that he understood me the way I needed to be understood.”

My own anointing was quite different. I had filled out a cursory prayer request card, hoping that the Holy Spirit would give me greater discernment in my roles as wife, mother and professional. While we were in line to be anointed, standing next to the prayer kneeler, I could see its inscription was in honor of a young boy who had lived only five years. As I glanced up, the sunlight coming from behind the stained glass window of St. Michael gave the impression that Satan’s guts were exploding.

In that moment, I realized that I lived in fear of something happening to my children, and that fear had me bound. When we received our intercessory prayer from Ginny Good and Nancy Newton, I was able for the first time to place my children at the foot of the cross of Jesus. My body felt light as my children were lifted up to God’s care, and my daughter and I were truly blessed to experience that healing together.  

We hope that every family will experience that same peace from God’s healing power.

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