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Reasons to Support the ACNA

Your church was represented well at the 226th Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina. The big news of Convention was the vote on affiliation with the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA).   This affiliation was studied by our diocese for several years (we also held two information sessions here at St. Michaels).  The vote at convention on Saturday, March 11 was completely unanimous in the clergy and lay orders to affiliate with the ACNA.  The roll call vote in both orders was filled with consensus and excitement.  After the vote was taken, the ACNA Archbishop Foley Beach appeared, greeted the convention, and received a standing ovation.  

Shortly After the Vote

Before the vote was taken, Bishop Lawrence gave his annual address and addressed his support of the ACNA affiliation with top reasons for doing so:

Reasons For Supporting the ACNA by Bishop Lawrence

  1. Fits our Vision of Making Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age 
  2. Global Partners have recognized the ACNA as the official Anglican presence
  3. The ACNA is a partner in whom we can stand, striving side by side for the sake of the Gospel.
  4. There are things a Province can do better than a diocese, and a diocese better than a parish. (A province can affect transformation in a nation better than a diocese can.)
  5. The ACNA’s principle of subsidiarity and decision making.
  6. The Ministries we do best as a diocese will be warmly shared and not shunned as they were in the Episcopal Church.
  7. Life within provincial gatherings will provide mutual opportunities for shared best practices, not weary commitments   Historic Convention for the Diocese of South Carolina 
  8. I (Bishop Lawrence) will have an official College of Bishop’s with whom to share in the councils of the wider church
  9. Greater opportunity to work with those with whom we have been creatively knit.
  10. The ACNA can help restore the years the locusts have eaten and bring back  groups like the Reformed Episcopal Church and other alienated bodies.

What happens next?  We will not be official charter members of the ACNA until this vote is ratified at the June ACNA provincial gathering.



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