Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Prompted to Pray by Linda Prince

Joe and I moved into our Old Village home in January of 2015 and soon thereafter were blessed to call St. Michael’s our church home. In moving here, one experiences an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the beauty around every corner and gratitude for a Spirit-filled church.

One morning while driving across the Ravenel Bridge, Joe said, “Do you think we will ever take it for granted, forget to notice the beauty?” You see gratitude has a short shelf life. On that day, atop the bridge, we decided to remain grateful, to continue to be in awe of this place, where God saw fit to plant us.

On my daily walk or bike ride, I can clearly see the St. Michael’s steeple across the harbor. With each glimpse, I am prompted to pray for St. Michael’s and somehow I am to begin with gratitude — prayers of Thanksgiving for her goodness. Beyond that, the prayers are different each day but they include prayers for our leaders whom the enemy would love to destroy, prayers for our calling as a church and prayers for protection.

In recent weeks, I have been prompted to pray not only when I see our beautiful white steeple but also when I see it depicted in a painting or a photo. Since beginning this practice, I am amazed at just how many times the iconic image of St. Michaels appears. The new Chicken Salad Chick restaurant on Coleman has a poster size photo, Carolina Physical Therapy has it on two paintings. I see the image on the news, in ladies rooms, waiting rooms, on note cards… all are reminders to pray for St. Michaels.

Okay, so I am one of these people who likes to know why. I know the cutely penned books which put all women in one bucket and all men in another would say that I am not interested in logic. If that is the case, I was miss-wired at birth. Logic, problem solving and all things strategic fascinate me. So, for my fellow sojourners who also need to know, WHY — I’ll make an attempt.

St. Michael’s has no doubt stood strong through numerous “high calls,” throughout history AND we are entering such a time. We have an upward call from God for such a time as this. We do not have ships in the harbor using the steeple for target practice. What we have is a war in the spirit realm. One where the enemy is not dressed in a uniform or bobbing offshore. He “prowls about seeking whom he can devour.”

Many around the country have given up on our nation, our culture, families, our youth — believing we are too far gone for God’s redemption. Yet thousands around the world have launched and been faithful to a season of fervent prayer. After countless hours of prayer, they have come to believe, God is not done with us yet. In my heart of hearts, I agree. The last Great Awakening is imminent. Scripture teaches us, “in the last days, I will pour out my Spirit….”

I can’t tell you precisely what St. Michael’s role is to be but on a Spiritual level, it is BIG. We have been greatly blessed and highly called and the enemy is strategic. His resources are not limitless. And as the bombardiers in the harbor wanted the steeple for more than the metal in the bells. They knew they were striking at the heart. Satan knows to funnel resources and try for the heart of what Jesus is doing in our day. St. Michaels is a target.

Will you pray every time you see our beautiful bell tower and steeple? Will you offer prayers of gratitude for the saints who have gone before? Will you speak thanksgiving for the gifting and talent God has amassed under one holy roof? for freedom to worship in Spirit and truth? for more beauty than we deserve? Will you pray for discernment to clearly see the enemy’s tactics? and for protection?

Will you pray?