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Prayer Ministry retreat produces much fruit

By David Booman and the Prayer Ministry Team

March 26-29 Ginny Good and Harriet Harris led a team of 14 from St. Michael’s Advanced Healing and Deliverance class on a retreat hosted by Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International (PRMI), a renewal ministry located in Black Mountain, N.C. It was an exceptional experience. Below are a few of the testimonies.

Our prayer retreat at Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International ‘s (PRMI) Community of the Cross (COC) exceeded my great expectations for our group of prayer ministers. This retreat was two and a half years in the making and everyone in attendance received an individual two-hour prayer appointment. As prayer ministers, we pour out and pray for everyone else, and this retreat was vital for our own self-care. We arrived weary and, some of us, at the breaking point, and we came out rejuvenated and restored in mind, body and spirit to better serve others in prayer ministry. Everyone asked that we do this annually.

We enjoyed delightful teachings on prayer ministry that jump-started us in our prayer ministry; participated in an art project that gave us quiet time with the Lord; went on prayer journeys on the land and mountain and within the log house for those who could not walk far that opened our hearts to the Lord’s leading with our lives; celebrated the Eucharist daily and finished our retreat outside with the Eucharist at the Prayer Pavilion, which was hand built by a group of men dedicated to the mission of PRMI. (PRMI’s mission statement is to equip the saints to go out and spread the Gospel, as well as, be prayer ministers to God’s wounded children. This is accomplished through training in the Dunamis Project, a three-year training program,) And lastly, but most importantly, we bonded with one another as prayer ministers, building friendships that are deep and true, knowing we are there for each other in the bad times and good times in life. I was joyful and thankful to the Lord God Almighty in seeing the fruit of my efforts of over two years.

— Ginny Good

A week in early springtime during Lent is a perfect time to go to Black Mountain for prayer and renewal. Mary Ellen Conners’ teaching on our relationship with God, self-nurture, the tension between the sovereignty of God and unanswered prayer, and spiritual gifts was among the best I’ve experienced. I was especially encouraged by her counsel that God gives us many tools to use in healing prayer, and that most are very useful, but we should remember that there’s a role of faith, and that healing prayer does not depend on “magical” incantations. The prayer teams who worked with us were gracious, welcoming, tender-hearted people who loved us from start to finish. I feel renewed and better-equipped to serve in our ministry at St. Michaels. Thank you, Ginny, for all of your time and loving arrangements to organize the retreat!

— Betsy Kalman

What a great (weekend) we had spending time with one another, being refreshed and worshiping our Lord on that mountaintop. From the minute we got there until the time we left, we were made to feel special. The teachings and prayer time were scripturally based and Holy Spirit led. Though the approach was a bit different from the way we pray during our prayer ministry time, the value in the takeaway was every bit as healing. The Holy Spirit helped me to see things as God wanted me to see them, not as I was seeing them through my broken humanity.

— Nancy Newton  

This was a most extraordinary trip for me. I thought I had worked through, with healing prayer, most of my childhood traumas. However, I  still felt as if I was waiting for something. Indeed, I found through prayer that I had closed myself off from the age of six to present. The Lord showed me that he could be trusted with my hurts and sorrows. He showed me that I could be safe with Him.

— Linda Soutter

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