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Prayer Corner

Prayer Corner

Please pray for St. Michael’s Church and our mission, which is to transform every heart and home, the Holy City, the Hurting Coast, and the Hungering World through Jesus Christ. Pray specifically for the Rt. Rev. Mark Lawrence and his family; for Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, Next Steps and Barnabas Ministries of Charleston, Living Hope, The Pink Bus Ministry with St. John’s Chapel, Sanders Clyde School -Lunch Buddies & Alpha Sprouts; Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy; Meals on Wheels; Star Gospel Mission, Rural Mission, and for the Rev. Hamilton Smith and his church plant in north Mt. Pleasant; for the Rev. Dan Rogers with Christ the King, Dorchester and for Pastor Claire Sullivan and The Hope Center in Lynn MA, for Freddie, Onesphore, and Simon and the church in Burundi, Tabitha and her mission in China; Bishop Dutta and the church in India; Cornelius and Zira Jacobs and Caleb and Rebecca Hudson and their mission in the 10/40 Window with Anglican
Frontier Mission.

Prayers for Deployed Military

Alex Gora, 2nd Class Nuclear Submarine,
Grandson-in-law of Beverly Howell

William M. Richardson, George H.W. Bush Carrier,
Son of Shelly Richardson

1st Lt. Matthew Hendley,
Son of David & Doreen Hendley

Parents-to-Be Prayer List

Laura and Mike Able (September 2016)

Reeves and Billy Howard

Krissy and Jordan Hoort (November 2016)

Alex and Leo Garcia (December 2016)

“God said, Before I formed you in the womb,
I knew you.”  
—Jeremiah 1:5