Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Ted Moore

  1. How long have you been a member of St. Michael’s Church?

My wife, Michelle, and I joined St. Michael’s Church 5 years ago when we moved to Charleston.

  1. Please briefly describe your “spiritual autobiography” – ie how and when you have come to know Christ personally as well as a description of your current spiritual life and practice.

I was born and raised in a Christian family, attending the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Greenwood, SC. There, I was baptized and confirmed at a young age. During my teenage years, in response to a shift in the fundamental beliefs of the Episcopal Church, my family, along with several others, separated and formed what is now St. Andrew’s Anglican Church of Greenwood.

I have always had a relationship with Jesus Christ, however, it was not until attending Alpha at St. Michael’s that I felt a deeper connection through the power of the Holy Spirit. My relationship with Christ has continued to grow over the years through regular attendance at worship, involvement in ministries at St. Michaels, personal prayer, and a commitment to have Christ as the center of my marriage and family. My faith has not only helped me to grow as a person  but has strengthened my marriage and provided the framework to raise our son in a loving Christian home.

  1. Please tell us about your experience in sharing the Christian faith with others.

Sharing my Christian faith hasn’t always been something I was comfortable with but my experiences in Alpha and a life group at St. Michael’s have helped me become more confident in being a witness.  I try to build genuine relationships with those around me and share that I’m a Christian and how a relationship with Jesus has changed my life. I hope that people can see the impact my faith has on my life and want to know more.  I also invite people to opportunities like worship, HCC, and Alpha where they can hear the message of Christ and experience Christian community.

  1. Please tell us how you are currently serving Christ and at St. Michael’s Church and involved in our church community activities.

I attend Sunday worship regularly. I have also completed Alpha and I Like Mike. I then served 2 semesters on Alpha team. Additionally, my wife and I were life group leaders for over 3 years. I recently helped with the start of Holy City Connects in West Ashley and continue to be involved in this new ministry.

  1. Please describe your vision for what God is calling St. Michael’s Church to be.

My vision for St. Michael’s Church is to be a welcoming community of Christians that is guided by the Holy Spirit and under the authority of the scripture. I believe God is calling us to be a church that builds Christian community, develops disciples of Jesus Christ, and serves in mission to Charleston and beyond.