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Pastors Conferences- Teaching the Basics of Healing Prayer

By Susalee Sasser

Our team of 9 had the privilege and blessing to hold two conferences for pastors in Bujumbura and Bugarama, Burundi. We hoped to equip them in the practice of Healing Prayer, to better enable them to lead their flocks and gain new converts.

As we entered to conference area we were welcomed by the sound of the pastors worshiping.  Their voices blended into what sounded like angels as they sang without instruments.  This worship set the atmosphere for a wonderful day.

We were able to give each pastor a Bible in Kurundi (their heart language) as well as notes in Kirundi from the individual talks which were presented.  Some pastors do not even have a Bible.  Their gratitude was heartwarming.

The conferences covered the following topics:

  • Scriptural References for Healing and prayer.    Dan
  • Healing our Image of God.                                     Leslie
  • Physical Healing.                                                     Linda
  • Spiritual Gifts.                                                          Martha
  • Forgiveness.                                                            Jeanette
  • Inner healing and Deliverance.                              Susalee
  • The Armor of God.                                                  David

We had several wonderful interpreters who were invaluable to our efforts. They stood for long hours and helped us communicate the healing prayer concepts in their own cultural context.  The pastors were very attentive, interested and eager to learn. They asked good questions and took many notes.

After the presentations, we had practical demonstrations to facilitate each specific lesson. A team member volunteered to be open for inner healing. The Holy Spirit went to the root of his issue, demonstrating God’s power to everyone there.  During this session, the Lord gently and lovingly brought healing and freedom from a long unresolved issue. It was very encouraging for the pastors as well as the team.

At another time, one of the participants requested prayer for physical healing of a knee problem.  In His grace, the Lord totally healed this man’s knee.  In addition, several people returned on the second day and reported healing from intercessions the day before.  They also shared their greater willingness to put the teachings into practice at home, sharing praise for God’s goodness.  

Each day’s conference ended with prayer time.  God continually answered requests for healing of a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  We were constantly blessed to be where God was working and to see His sovereignty in the lives of His servants.

The people in Burundi lack much in the way of material things. Their country continues to face political uncertainty.  And yet in the face of very difficult circumstances, the people that we met during our time continue strong in the Lord.  We pray that God will bless this nation, bring hope and peace.  We know He is faithful and continues the work He began bringing it to completion in the day of Christ Jesus.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I know they were answered as were experienced  God’s mercy, grace, protection, provision, and favor. You as intercessors are a vital part of the team.  We could not go if not sent with your prayers and loving support.  Never underestimate the importance you are to the team. Thank you so much.

May the Lord bless you in return.

Num 6:24-26

Susalee Sasser