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Operation Christmas Child – September Shoebox Handout

Thank you, St. Michaels! Our goal last year was 500 shoeboxes and we collected 525! Can we send more this year?? We need EVERYONE collecting items. Have you asked others to join you in filling shoeboxes? We hope that you have been taking advantage of the back to school sales during August. Now you can add to those school supplies by purchasing hygiene items for your boxes.  Every child needs soap and washcloth that are packed together in a Ziploc bag. Although no toothpaste can be sent because of customs, toothbrushes and dental floss are very much needed along with hairbrushes and combs.  Also nothing with an expiration date!  You can also add other fun personal items such as hairbands, hairclips, etc. Many children share these items with family members so if you want to include extras, please do! Good old floating Ivory soap is the perfect soap as rivers and streams are sometimes the only place for a child to bathe!  

When one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” first stepped foot on United States soil, he was wearing his very first pair of shoes … white flip-flops that he had received in an Operation Christmas Child shoe box! As children open their shoe-box gifts from Operation Christmas Child, God opens doors for the message of His great love! Children, families and whole communities are led to God by the love and prayers that are sent with each shoe box.

Shipping donation is now $9.  This can be in the form of check or cash inside the shoebox or donate online to Follow Your Box at samaritanspurse.org/occ. Donating online allows you to track your shoebox!

Time to start filling boxes!!  

Need more reasons to pack a shoebox?  Here are some powerful ones!


  • Fill a box in honor of someone. Create a card about the person you are honoring and place it in the shoe box.  Then send a card to that person!
  • Fill a box in memory of someone.  Write a note with a special memory of this person and include it in your shoe box.
  • Instead of giving Christmas gifts to friends or family members, fill a shoe box gift in their honor.
  • Children feel loved when they know someone is praying for them especially if they have a picture of that someone.  Some orphans have taped the picture of the person praying for them to their bed.  Write a note and include a picture of you and/or your family in your shoe box.  Include your address and you just may receive a note from a child!
  • Let a child know that you care!  Fill a shoe box! Fill MORE than one box!



Get your box: Sept. 17th, 24th, & Oct. 1st

Return your box: Oct. 22nd, 29th, & Nov. 5th

Questions? You may contact:  Duval Aker — duval.acker@carolinaone.com, (843) 693-0690 — or Susan Prescott —scprescott@hotmail.com, (843) 670-7847. Also check out the website: samaritanspurse.org for information on packing and tracking your shoebox.           



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