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New Development in the Diocese of Aweil and famine in South Sudan Sudan

By Bishop Abraham Nhial
South Sudan’s independence has been followed by indescribable suffering caused by current conflict as a result of political and power struggle years passed. A few months back the South Sudan government declared famine in South Sudan followed by United Nations reports on humanitarians’ crisis as a result of the massive exodus of South Sudanese citizens to Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and many other countries within Africa. There are two key issues affect them, one is too much insecurity and hunger.

The famine was caused by senseless war, the death number increases each day and many people in the Diocese of Aweil have traveled back to Sudan and those remained seriously affected and helpless as there seems the humanitarian and political situation in South Sudan deteriorates.

In spite of all these challenges of conflict, humanitarians needs, diseases and hunger, the church is still faithful to God and doing God’s work and its commitment to serve God and humanity. The Diocese of Aweil has recently completed the Women Training and Business Center, to train the women on tailoring, so that they can have bread on the table for their family and support mission work in the diocese and beyond. This project is developed to enhance viable development to improve livelihood of women groups and their families to be self-reliance and supportive. The Women Training and Business Center was funded by Christ Community Church, Montreat, North Carolina.

The Diocese of Aweil is one of the vast dioceses in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, under the leadership of Bishop Abraham Yel Nhial, making it hard for the bishop to cover in delivering his spiritual and administrative roles and duties. However, this year the diocese has been subdivided into three dioceses. Wanyjok and Nyamlel Area dioceses have been carved out of Aweil mother Diocese. On April 4, the Diocese of Aweil consecrated two assistant bishops for the above area dioceses.

We have our faith in Jesus because the Holy Bible is teaching us that we should, “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). The greatest threat to our nation is insecurity and humanitarian crisis, which causes famine and diseases — an unbearable situation. I call upon our fellow Christians, partners to pray and render humanitarian support. Your assistance and contribution of any amount to help those who are suffering will be highly appreciated by all.

Your Partner in God’s Mission,
Bishop Abraham Nhial
Diocese of Aweil, South Sudan

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