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kidney failure0October 4, 2015Details
Prayers for healthy pregnancy 0September 30, 2015Details
prayers please 0September 24, 2015Details
Communication Overload0September 19, 2015Details
Please Pray For Me3October 5, 2014Details

kidney failure

recent tests indicate acute kidney trouble. Mental health also a problem.

Prayers for healthy pregnancy

Thanksgivings for the miracle of God's creation for a 3rd time! It's still early, I'm only about 7 weeks pregnant. Please pray for the development of a healthy baby.

prayers please

Please pray for me name bonnie prayers for Godly soulmate man for my life and peace and happiness and love for my life and prayers for my daughter maria for health testing her for cancer prayers for her heart beats way to fast please pray for my son kris for bypolar and depression and anxiety prayers for his eyes disease prayers for kris for Anger he always mad at me hes 35 yrs old breaks my heart pray for son derek and missy his wife and kids salvation unspoken prayers for my son joshua unspoken prayers for Ernest unspoken please prayers for my friend libby and friend randy prayers for to move better home without mold and falling apart and miracles to beable to afford new place to live my apt is mold inside falling apart and cold in winter prayers for my car not to need brakes just don't have the money to fix them so much on me prayers for God to show me things open doors for me i don't know what to do I need God so badly I love God so much i need him to Answer me ty for praying GodBless you all

Communication Overload

Please pray that this website is effective and not communication overload.

Please Pray For Me

Please pray for me.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

Prayer Appointments

Anyone who desires to receive personal prayer (usually with a team of two or more Prayer Ministers) may make an appointment by calling St. Michael’s Church at 843-723-0603.

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Prayers Ministry in Church

During and after church services on Sundays, teams of trained and experienced Prayer Ministers are available in designated prayer pews to offer prayers for healing, thanksgiving, and/or blessing. (Specifically, prayer ministry is available every Sunday at the 8:00 am, 10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. services.) Green Prayer Cards are also available, in the church pews, for writing prayer concerns. These prayer cards may be placed in the offering plate, in the prayer box at the front of the church near the altar, or they may be sent to the church office. Prayer Ministers & Clergy will then confidentially pray for these prayer concerns.

Prayer Chains & Prayers of the People

St. Michael’s also communicates prayer requests to several prayer chains. If you would like to be prayed for by: our Clergy; our Clergy & Staff; our Prayer Ministers; our Telephone Prayer Chain of Intercessors; and/or our Church Congregation during the Prayers of the People, please call the church with your prayer request, at 723-0603, or e-mail heal@stmichaelschurch.net.

Sunday Prayers of the People (prayed over during worship) include intercession for healing, remembrance of the dead, and thanksgiving for births & marriages. Those desiring to have names included in these publicly read prayers should please contact the church office at 723-0603. All prayer requests communicated to our prayer chains and during our Prayers of the People require permission of the individual to be prayed for, or the person’s family.