Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Music Director (exempt, salary/full-time 40-hour week)

Primary Responsibility/Scope:  Develop and lead the worship music ministry, in consultation with the rector and other clergy, that is consistent with Anglican theology and aligns with St. Michael’s vision to Transform Hearts through Jesus Christ.

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Plan music with rector and clergy.
  • Provide music selections NLT Monday for Sunday services.
  • Proof service bulletins NLT Tuesday for Sunday services (before bulletin goes to print).
  • Recruit choristers from congregation and interns from local community.
  • Lead choir rehearsal during the week and on Sunday morning for 10:30 a.m. service.
  • Lead Christmas Caroling and Easter Caroling.
  • Lead choir devotionals during rehearsal/practice.
  • Recruit and coordinate Children’s Choir participation.
  • Coordinate backup organist/pianist as needed in your absence.
  • Maintain Christ-centered conviviality and camaraderie with the parishioners.
  • Oversee the Music Ministry and supporting worship leaders.
  • Plan, rehearse and lead music for all Liturgical Festal Days and other Holy Days.
  • Plan, rehearse and lead music for ordinations, weddings and funerals.
  • Plan, rehearse and lead music for Evensongs (Michaelmas, Persecuted Church, etc.).
  • Provide music for Day of Healing Prayer, Alpha and other ministries as directed.
  • Coordinate with Chief of Finance for intern payroll.
  • Maintain protocols for copyrighted materials.
  • Support worship services:
    – 6 pm Sunday Sanctuary Service (presence required):
    –Oversee worship leader and music selection.
    –Play keyboard and support band as needed.
    –Build sense of community with the band.
    -8 am Sunday Sanctuary Service (presence required):
    –Play organ and lead congregation for final hymn.
    –Play postlude.
    -10:30 am Sunday Sanctuary Service (presence required):
    –Lead the congregation in worship from organ and piano.
    –Direct choir.
    –Play postlude.
    -10:30 am Sunday Chapel Service:
    –Provide oversight of worship leader and music selection.
    –Plan for equipment upgrades as needed within music budget.
    –5:30 pm Wednesday Service
    –Oversee worship leader and music selection.
    –Play keyboard and support band as needed.
    –Build sense of community with the band.

Other responsibilities:

  • Direct oversight and responsible for annual budget.
  • Direct oversight of instrument maintenance.
  • Write articles for church publications on request (no more than 4 a year).
  • Attend worship and staff meetings.
  • Attend clergy meetings for review of bulletins.
  • Other duties as assigned by rector.


  • Dedicated, devoted disciple of Christ.
  • Strong, well organized with a heart to serve others.
  • Excellent people skills.
  • Team player with teachable spirit.
  • Music professional with training and talent necessary to lead music programs.
  • Organist, Pianist and Choir Director.

Education/Requirements Education:
Four Year College Degree from an accredited College or University.

Previous Experience (Volunteer or Professional):
Experience as professional church organist.
Anglican services.

Reports to the Rector.

To Apply:  Please send resume/CV to Matthew Wilkinson at matthew@stmichaelschurch.net or call for more information, 843-723-7574.