Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Letter from US Attorney


Mother E Dept of Justice SealMother E Us Attorney LebelJanuary 27, 2017

Dear Reverend Dr. Zadig and Reverend Dr. Booman,

As we finish the trial of the Emanuel AME massacre, I thank you for the care you lent to the victims, survivors and family members during the federal trial. e nature of the crime and the deep faith of the victims, survivors and family members meant that the spiritual support for the victims was central to their resiliency and no doubt enabled them the strength to fully participate in the trial. e support and counsel provided by your church will undoubtedly mean that the victims have. a better ability to live forward while honoring the life and memory of their loved ones. On behalf of the Department of Justice, our thanks to you and your church for your support and care for the victims of this most awful crime

Mother Emanual Attorney Signature




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