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Leading family devotions

You hear preachers talk about family devotions and read about it in books, but is the idea of a family devotions merely a myth? Much like Bigfoot, there are reports but few concrete sightings.

Life in the 21st century presents natural barriers to family devotions. Since our culture is exceptionally individualistic, our minds resist corporate or community exercises. When our communication dwindles to head nods and a few texts, we doubt that our own family is made for such soaring spiritual heights. Tense relationships within the home and hectic schedules outside the home further complicate the condition.

There is, however, only one place in life to start holding family devotions — right where you are. For those who are just starting, be encouraged, because there are more resources available than ever before. As you make the choice to bring the family together tonight, here are a few thoughts.

First, consider the key elements.


  • A Bible. Preferably, a Bible for everyone. Try using the translation your church uses. If not, try a newer translation that is easier for the kids to understand. It is, however, very difficult to study the Bible without the Bible.
  • Tell stories. Most people understand concepts better when they’re told in stories. Great! The Bible is bursting with stories that ow like tributaries into one giant river of God’s STORY of salvation. Let your children hear Bible stories told with creativity and passion.
  • Sing songs. There is so much great music available to us today:  children’s songs, worship songs, fast songs, loud songs, and quiet songs. Hymns often communicate deep theology, and hymnists are the poets of the church. Learn and sing together.
  • Pray together and pray for one another. Part of prayer is talking to God about others. Pray for tests, boyfriends, girlfriends, ballgames, jobs and health. Pray about everything your family — especially the children’s faces.


Second, talk about the things of God throughout the day.

This helps your family keep constant contact with Heaven. Another preparatory act is going to church together. You will find a reciprocal relationship here. Church will enhance your devotional experience, and your devotional experience will enhance your church life.

Finally, do not forget that children love to know the answers to questions. Life in Christ is more than just knowing a bunch of facts, but knowing the facts gives the Spirit material in the lives our children with which to work. Try asking Bible fact questions. You may find these queries through several different resources. Help children to see that the Bible is fun and essential to daily living.

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