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Keeping up with rapidly changing culture

As Christian parents, we want to protect our children from anything that could hurt them or get them off track with the Lord. We want to teach them and talk with them about issues that could harm them in any way. That is part of our role as parents. It’s our job to teach, correct, inform, and warn our teens to help them handle situations in a wise and biblical way.

As careful and diligent as we desire to be in teaching and warning them, we cannot talk to our teens about dangerous trends or behaviors we are not aware of. So how do we keep up with a rapidly changing culture? How can we know what we need to discuss with our teens? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Be intentional about having time to talk with your teen. Both we and our teens have busy schedules, and we must make time to be with them, to talk about what is going on in their lives.
  • Ask them about new trends or behaviors you hear or read about. See what they think and feel about what goes on around them at school or among their friends.
  • Talk with teachers and youth ministers about those same concerns and issues.
  • Find out what they are seeing in the teen culture.
  • Research youth culture and trends online.
  • Find biblically based information and help at organizations such as the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding and The Culture Translator (Axis organization).
  • Do what is necessary to be aware of what your teen is facing. Only then can you seek to help them think through how to handle their situations wisely and biblically.
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