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Is it more than a man thing?

By Prioleau Alexander

It is a fact:  If the human male walks past an item more than three times, it ceases to exist. Poof! It’s gone. Laundry on the floor, a bag of garbage, dishes on the counter … if they can manage to ignore it three times, the cloak of invisibility settles in.

BUT is it possible this same unique talent lies within women? The most “challenging” of male behaviors?

Alas, over a long enough time period, it can happen.

And it has happened in our beautiful churchyard. Though visible to visitors, we faithful St. Michaelites stroll from the Belser Building to our sanctuary, no longer noticing the forgotten state of some of our tombstones. It’s no one’s fault … it just is.

Fortunately, a few keen eyes among us did notice the need for some repairs, and a Building and Grounds Committee was organized.

Recognizing that these stones are remembrances of the saints who built our beloved church and congregation, the committee has been working to address the issue, and we’re pleased to show some of the recent results.

As Sir Isaac Newton said in 1676, “If I have seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” And so it is with us today — with the help of the Holy Spirit, the forefathers of St. Michael’s gifted us this church, and enabled us to see farther.

In addition to tombstone repair and refurbishment, the ongoing battle with overgrown plant materials continues. If you are moved to assist with our churchyard beautification, please email Chappy McKay at CMcKay@tridentcon.com.

Volunteer Churchyard Improvement Day  |  Saturday, May 20  |  9:30 am – 12:30 pm  Start time subject to change if extreme heat sets in.

Cool drinks will be provided.

Contact Jo Cox 864-982-4464

Before and After Gravestone Repairs

Before Cross Gravestone After Cross Gravestone Before GravestonesAfter Gravestones

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