Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Hugh Buyck, Sr. ~ High School Student Ministry Honduras Mission 2017

It is a marvel that a mission trip to Honduras beginning with a sense of trepidation and uncertainty becomes a sensational journey of joy, holiness and youthful reflection.  Seven insightful and bright teenagers coupled with la escuela and las casas of loving children brings an inner fullness unmatched by any monetary or tourista encounters.

Walls being built with Honduran souls spread contentment and the Holy Spirit through not only harmonious songs of greatness and strength, God and Holiness but also the humility of God’s work and physical toils.  All became a part of the sand, rock, la mescla, stone and wall through a sense of duty and unity of purpose.  A week of efforts cemented souls to one another in ways unimaginable.  Challenges brought forth efforts with these efforts bringing results that were seen and unseen within the faces and hearts of the many children and personal lives touched.  Languages were overcome through not only children’s squeals of laughter and delight but also fulfillment achieved by preciously tending to the unspoken wants and needs within one another’s souls.

Nothing compares to the physical presence of mission with a sense of purpose and understanding of fellow man.  To worship daily with one another overcomes any lingual impediments through the presence of God’s Holy Spirit warming hearts and touching lives in ways unimaginable.  

This is the adventure and purpose of the mission and to our Honduran friends we sing together:

Estas, = You are,

Santos = Holy

Santos = Holy

Santos = Holy

Yo Quiero Vente!  =I want to see you!

Until then, “Grande y Fuertes es el Dios” and may God’s strength and greatness remain within you, your children and your blessed mission forever.