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Hare heads to Clemson University

By Justin Hare

HareJ_webGraduation! One week ago the Hare family celebrated the culmination of four years of hard work resulting in graduation from seminary! This has been an incredible season for us, and it has been in every way a group project. Through your prayer and financial support, we have been able to a season devoted to intense study of God’s word and His church. I cannot thank you, each and every one of you, enough for being a critical part of making this season happen with success! God has used you in mighty ways!

Also, my wife Molly must receive a ton of credit as well. In these last four years, she has labored tirelessly in caring for a young boy as a nanny. She has provided for our family during the school year, enabling us to make ends meet. With three children in tow and running on next-to-no sleep (but a LOT of coffee!), she has worked to allow me the time to do what I love. Through hers and yours and my efforts, this has truly been a team effort. Join us in celebrating this accomplishment!

“What’s next?!”

So with that, as I alluded to last time, we have some big news for our next step: WE ARE CLEMSON UNIVERSITY BOUND!! Molly and I are starting an Anglican Collegiate Ministry at Clemson University out of Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church. This ministry will be a ministry of the Coalition for Christian Outreach (known as “the CCO” — check them out @ www.ccojubilee.org), a trans-denominational non-profit organization that partners with local churches to see college students transformed in every area of their lives through Jesus Christ. I’d love to speak with you more about this!

Why college ministry?

We have been captivated at the glaring need in our Anglican tradition to reach college students with the gospel. On the whole, we tend to do children’s and youth ministry well as Anglicans, but at a critical juncture in our young people’s lives, where 60-70 percent of churched youth leave the faith in college according to BARNA research, we tend to drop the ball. At Clemson at the moment, there is one church in our Anglican tradition in the Clemson area (Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church — www.redeemerclemson.com), and there is no Anglican campus ministry!  Not only is there a general need for college ministry, but in particular as Anglicans at Clemson, we need to shift our focus onto this fertile ground of college where students have the opportunity to really flourish instead of flounder in their faith.

In the coming weeks and throughout the summer as we seek to build a team of supporters to make the ministry happen, you will be hearing from me more about this ministry. I’d love to share with you more about how we think Anglicans can fill a much-needed niche at Clemson and how our tradition may be uniquely suited to reach this generation. I want to ask you two things: 1) Would you be willing to speak with me to hear more about our vision for Anglican College Ministry at Clemson? 2) Would you consider praying if this might something God may be calling you to support?

I look forward to speaking with you soon and being back in beautiful S.C. this fall!


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