Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Good Friday walk

By Alex Dickson

On Good Friday, Jane and I left early to walk down to White Point Garden. I had on my purple cassock and straw hat; I also carried my shepherd’s staff. A lady saw us and asked us, “Why are people gathering here?” I told her we joined with people from several churches to walk the Stations of the Cross each Good Friday to recall the terrible journey that our Lord Jesus took, carrying His Cross on which He would be Crucified. She asked if she and her husband could join us and they did. Her husband had to ride in his golf cart to do so.

During this long hot walk, I began to feel my age. She came up and asked if would like to ride in the golf cart. I declined but thanked her. She expressed her gratitude to me for asking them to join us, and I saw her again this week at St. Michael’s. I was reminded profoundly how each of us has multiple opportunities to bring people closer to the Lord.

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