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Global Impact Celebration Report

By Rev. Mark Avera

It is hard to believe that it has been over a month since we concluded this year’s Global Impact Celebration. This year, we were blessed to hear from Peter Rothermel, Jonathan Ziman, and Rob Rienow about the significance of the family in God’s mission to the world, and we were challenged to see our families as missional units engaging our communities for Christ. We heard an amazing testimony from Tim Terry with Fresh Start Ministries and were encouraged to hear of God’s power to transform lives, regardless of how broken and scarred those lives may be.

Our India Mission team bore great witness to God’s faithfulness and grace and testified to the fruit of prayer and blessing in Durgapur, India. Simon and Lucy Mwaura from Kenya, and Simon Guillebaud from Burundi, all longtime friends of St Michael’s, called us to see the world not as a bunch of weeds to be burned, but as a harvest ripe to be gathered. They exhorted us to find the fulfillment of our lives by giving ourselves for the good of others and for the glory of Christ. So much to pray and live into, much for which to be thankful, much to bless and to celebrate.

Of course, none of our mission partnerships would be possible without your faithfulness and willingness to give to the work of spreading the Gospel. From all of us at St Michael’s Church, thank you for supporting our vision and ministry. This year, 95 people (or couples) made mission and Faith Promise pledges totaling $129,535. Last year, we collected actual Faith Promise and related mission gifts of $135,721 from 112 contributing households. We also received Life Commitment cards from 66 individuals.

We look forward to celebrating how God works in and through you at next year’s GIC.

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