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About GIC 2018

What is GIC?

Each year St. Michael’s hosts a Global Impact Celebration (GIC) to celebrate the work that God has carried out through our mission partners over the past year, and to discern where we are being called individually and collectively as a congregation to serve in local and global mission in the year ahead. This year, the GIC will last for 2 Sundays and one week.

Why GIC?

Started at St. Michael’s in 2012, the GIC is traditionally held during the season of epiphany, and organized around a different theme each year. The 2018 GIC theme is “United in Mission”, which celebrates the ways we come together as a body of Christ to answer God’s call to mission across the Holy City, the Hurting Coast, and the Hungering World.

GIC is also the time that we raise funds for our mission ministries, which is made possible through the Faith Promise mission pledge.

How can I participate?

There are many ways to be a part of the 2018 GIC! Here are a few options:

1.  Come to a ministry event during GIC week

Being a part of GIC can be as simple as coming to any church service on Sunday January 28th or February 4th, listening to a tool time talk, joining our missionaries for lunch, or coming to a Holy City Connect session in West Ashley, Downtown, or Mt. Pleasant through the week. Each of our church activities will include a focus on mission during the GIC week, and the full GIC event schedule will be available online and in the bulletins starting in January.

2.  Pray with the GIC Prayer Guide

The Prayer Ministry team has created a prayer guide for our congregation to use each day throughout the week of GIC. Each day in the guide includes a prayer and mission topic for reflection, and will serve as a resource for individuals and families alike. Join us in praying as a congregation over the seven days of the GIC week! Booklets will be available (in print and online) starting in mid-January.

3.  Connect with a Missionary or Mission Partner

Do you have questions about mission? Want to know more about how St. Michael’s serves in mission ministries locally and globally? This is your chance to meet our mission partners firsthand, learn more about their ministries, and spend time with them in fellowship.

4. Volunteer!

There are many ways to serve and participate as a volunteer during GIC week. Some opportunities include:

  • Pick up a mission partner from the airport or drive them to a Holy City Connects meeting
  • Host a mission partner for 2-5 days in your home
  • Take a mission partner out for coffee
  • Help set-up or serve food at a GIC meal / event
  • Serve as a “welcome host” for mission partners speaking on Sunday

To learn more about the GIC or to volunteer, contact Betsy Henderson (Director of Mission).