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Global Impact Celebration

GIC 2017

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January 29 – February 12, 2017

Global – God’s plan is to reconcile the WORLD to himself in Jesus. Yes, that’s pretty global.

Impact – though we may not always see it, God’s Word is never without effect and impact. The Gospel continues to transform hearts, change lives, and tear down walls of hostility between peoples. Jesus still builds his Church so that the gates of Hell cannot stand against the Gospel’s advance. An eternal impact being made now. Bam!

Celebration – we are called to be people that rejoice, that give thanks, that bless. We are to commemorate and celebrate the move of God in our hearts and homes, in our city, in our nation and in all the nations of the world.  Captives set free, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the poor receive good news. Definitely worth celebrating.

The purpose of the GIC is three-fold: to raise awareness of the mission field all around us; to raise funds for strategic mission activity in the Holy City, along the Hurting Coast, and throughout the Hungering World; to raise an army of mission-minded Christians (you) that is actively engaging the mission of God in every area of life.

The GIC, or Global Impact Celebration, is a time set apart each year to rejoice in the growth of the Kingdom of the God in the world, to catch a glimpse of what God is up to in all the corners of the globe and in our own backyards, and to hear the call to join the mission of God in Christ.

It really is all about the call.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Go! and make disciples of all nations.  Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Teach them to obey all that I have commanded.” That’s a really big call, to a really big mission.  It takes an army – or a Church, to be more specific. It takes you and me, with each one of us making an impact where we are and wherever God leads us to go.

Put me in coach.  I’m ready to play!

The GIC’s purpose is to help each of us hear that call and realize that we are all meant to be part of its fulfillment.  It is to help us get off the bench and in the game.

So how does this GIC thing work exactly?

Three Sundays and the two weeks in between. We bring in folks that are engaging the mission and let you hear what God is doing through them. Some are engaged here in Charleston, others in various parts of the mission field in our nation and around the world. The Sunday messages are meant to help us all hear the call and to get a picture of what answering the call has looked like in the lives of those speaking to us.

But our guests will stick around for a few days. While it is great to hear an inspiring message, it is even better to get to know a “missionary” as a real flesh-and-blood person just like me and you. When it begins to dawn on us that God is remarkably using someone with perhaps even less resources than we have and who has the same struggles and limitations, then it hopefully will dawn on us that God just might be able to use us in some remarkable ways too. We want your Life Group to let us bring one of our missionaries to your regular meeting.

And then we ask for you to own the call. At the end of the GIC, we collect Faith Promise/Life Commitment cards. This is where it gets personal. What will you give to the mission? Faith Promise funds for mission? A step into active ministry at home, in the city or somewhere else in God’s mission field? Hopefully both. Cheers.

Schedule of Events

Sunday, January 29, 2017
8:00 am Holy Communion Rite I with Peter Rothermel, Diocesan Director for Faith Formation
9:15 am Tool Time: Heart & Home Mission with Peter Rothermel
9:30 am Chapel Service with Jonathan Ziman, Visionary Family Ministries
10:30 am Holy Communion, Rite II with Jonathan Ziman 
12:00 Noon GIC Opening Reception – Family on Mission Together – talk led by Peter Rothermel and Jonathan Ziman
6:00 pm Holy Communion, Rite II / Contemporary Worship with Rob Reinow, Visionary Family Ministries
7:00 pm Spaghetti Dinner follows in the Kinloch Room – Talk led by Rob Reinow ~ Register

Life Groups meet with visiting Missionaries throughout the week

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
12:00 Noon First Wednesday Men’s Luncheon at St. Philip’s Church Parish Hall – Speaker: Joe Stringer, Author of Ten Commandments for Business

5:30 pm Worship on Wednesday Healing Service (WOW) Guest Preacher: Peter Rothermel

Thursday, February 2
12:00 N Peninsula Men’s Lunch at 82 Queen – Speaker: Peter Rothermel

Saturday, February 4
10:00 am Prayer Walk (Meet in Kinloch Room) Leader: Truman Kemp

Sunday, February 5, 2017
8:00 am Holy Communion, Rite I with Tim Terry, founder of FreshStart Ministries
9:15 am Tool Time: India Mission Plenary – Hear testimonies from the last India Mission Team
9:30 am Chapel Service ~ Testimony by Tom Acker, India Mission Team
10:30 am Holy Communion, Rite II with Tim Terry
6:00 pm Holy Communion, Rite II / Contemporary Worship – No guest speaker

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
5:30 pm WOW Healing Service with Simon Guillebaud, missionary to Burundi

Saturday, February 11, 2017
11:00 am GIC Women’s Luncheon with Lucy Mwaura, missionary from Kenya (Kinloch Room)

Sunday, February 12, 2017
8:00 am Holy Communion, Rite I with Simon Mwauramissionary from Kenya
9:15 am Tool Time with Lucy Mwaura, missionary from Kenya (Kinloch Room)
9:30 am Chapel Service with Simon Mwauramissionary from Kenya
10:30 am Holy Communion, Rite II with Simon Mwauramissionary from Kenya
12:00 Noon GIC Celebration Luncheon (Kinloch Room) Dean Osuch from TMS-Global (formerly The Mission Society)
6:00 pm Holy Communion, Rite II / Contemporary Worship with Simon Guillebaud
7:00 pm Reception and Invitation to Mission in Burundi with Simon Guillebaud