Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Evensong for the Persecuted Church

On Wednesday, November 9, at 6:30 pm, St. Michaels will host an Evensong for the Persecuted Church.

This year, we will focus on Assyrian Christian families facing persecution from ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Juliana Taimoorazy, Founder and President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council will speak during the service and speak afterwards at a question and answer session in the Kinloch Room.

The choir will sing the formal service of Evensong, but also incorporate music from various communities of the persecuted church. We will sing a Stanford setting of the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, as well as Coptic, Georgian, and Armenian Apostolic chant.

Juliana Taimoorazy is the Founder and President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, a non-profit organization in the U.S. that raises awareness about the persecuted church in Iraq and has helped thousands of displaced Assyrian Christian families (also known as Chaldean and Syriac) throughout Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan with food, shelter, and medicine. Her organization also has helped the Assyrians who have arrived in the United States as refugees. For the last 8 years, Taimoorazy has traveled throughout the US and Israel educating the public about the plight of her people throughout the Middle East.

Through her activism and media appearances on FoxNews, NewsMax, Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA), Huffington Post Live, One American News and several Christian television and radio programs, Taimoorazy has tirelessly promoted the cause of the Assyrian Christians throughout the world. She is a Fellow at the Philos Project, an organization, which promotes positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. Recently, she became the Executive Producer for Sing a Little Louder, a short docudrama Inspired by the true story of an elderly man who in his youth witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his Church. The movie provides a stunning message for the twenty-first century and a revelation of another genocide that exists today, the Assyrian Christian genocide in the Middle East. Taimoorazy has been published in NY Post, the Blaze, and the Stream. As the host of the Voice of Nineveh program, which airs on WSFI 88.5 Catholic Radio, she interviews the leaders from across the world that speak on human dignity, human rights and geo-political issues concerning our world today.

Taimoorazy was smuggled into Switzerland in 1989 due to religious persecution in her native ‘Iran’. After spending seven days in a monastery in Zurich, she was once again smuggled into Germany where she sought religious asylum. After spending one year in Germany, she came to America as a refugee in December of 1990. As an Assyrian Christian living in Iran, Taimoorazy learned to be multi-lingual at a young age and is fluent in English, Farsi, and Assyrian.

She obtained her Master’s degree in the year 2000 and since she has helped several refugee women gain higher education and rebuild their lives in the States, as she was once given the opportunity to rebuild her life in America, the place she now calls home.

Please join us on Wednesday Nov. 9 at 6:00 pm at St. Michael’s Church.

~ Matthew Wilkinson