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Epiphany, Our Faithful Altar Guild and the Power of Mission

Epiphany is a season in the church year that lasts just over two months. It’s a season that lives up to its name! Epiphany means revelation and speaks to the power of Jesus Christ coming into the world for every human in the world. It is that shocking news that Jesus wasn’t just coming for the Jews, but for all humanity. It’s a season that emanates from the moment the wise men followed the star to the birthplace of Jesus. Therefore, the season of Epiphany is all about mission, following the signs of God and acting on them! It just so happens that our Altar Guild is named the Epiphany Altar Guild for this very reason. You may not know this but this group of faithful ladies prepares the altar for every service of the year here, including all weekday services. Many thank you ladies!

Another way we celebrate the powerful season of Epiphany is through the ministry of the Global Impact Celebration.