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Ellis McKay ~ High School Student Ministry Honduras Mission 2017 Reflection

If I had one word to describe this trip it would be, “special”. This trip was in all senses true to that word. When my parents first told me about the trip, I was a little nervous, as I didn’t know the people going on the trip that well. However, as soon as I got off the plane those worries went away. While on the trip, I enjoyed getting to know everyone better. I also enjoyed spending time at the children’s home with Carlos, Sergio, and the other kids. I also liked playing soccer with the kids at the Alonzo movement. However, the part I enjoyed the most was my respiration of faith. When I left Porter-Gaud for Woodberry, my faith suffered as I was trying to juggle both my life in Charleston and my life at Woodberry. However, during this trip, I was able to find total solitude in God. This was especially true while singing songs with Angel, Carlos, Ariel, and the other workers. On the final day, I felt the holy spirit in me during this singing and I broke into tears. That was when Angel told me the words I will never forget, “God has a special plan for you.” I believe these words were spoken by God through Angel. Because of this experience, I am closer with God than I ever have been. Had it not been for this trip, I would not have become as close with God or made the experiences that I did. I will always be grateful to my parents for sending me on this trip. I also will always be grateful for Ariel, Angel, Carlos, Amanda, Mr. Buyck, Father Al, Coles, Ellie, Mason Pope, Mason Lyles, Christian, and Stedman for sharing this wonderful experience with me.