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Ellie Moore ~ High School Student Ministry Honduras Mission 2017 Reflection

Our mission trip to Honduras was one that I never expected. I planned this summer before starting college to be all about working and saving money as I will soon be (somewhat) independent from my parents. My decision to join the Honduras team was only finalized a month before our departure, and I would say it was more of a calling. Two weeks before our trip, my Mom had a similar call of her own. My Mom and I would both agree that we think our call is to Africa, neither of us expected to be called to Latin America or to China. We were especially unprepared to say our college goodbyes at the Charleston airport on the morning of August 5th. Starting such a nee and important season in my life without my mom as a guide was something I wasn’t too thrilled about. Going on mission without my mom was also something new. On previous missions, whenever I had a question regarding my own call or God’s call on other people or any theological question, I would turn to my Mom. Before and during my Honduras mission I heard and felt many things from God that I just wanted my Mom’s answer on what they meant.
My time in Honduras helped me to grow spiritually as my own individual seeking God’s call on my life. This trip helped me to discern the call of mission God has placed on me. I was able to see the Holy Spirit work through every member on our teams. Our team was reminded that when we work, we must go at it with our whole heart and remember that we are working for the children of His Kingdom. We were reminded to look for Jesus in disguise, especially in the work we didn’t want to do. We were taught that poverty isn’t ugly, but those are God’s people too and they are the people who we should be running to with love and thanksgiving, not turning our face as we walk by them.
In reflection, this mission trip was different that what we all expected and different from any mission I have been. I am thankful for having such joyful leasers as Father Al and Hugh Buyck as their attitudes and workers spirit were contagious to us all. God is doing great things in Honduras, but their is still much to be done.