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When Earth Meets Heaven: A Reflection on Honduras

1 Corinthians 7:7…”Live lives with undivided devotion to God”

In our busy North American lives, the above declaration from Paul seems elusive and nearly impossible. Yet when we go on mission and all other distractions are silenced, this undivided devotion all of a sudden comes within reach. When it does come within reach, we are able to physically see and sense that earth is meeting heaven and heaven is meeting earth. Sometimes we can only see this when we are away from what is known and comfortable. Such was the backdrop for our mission to the Lamb Institute in Honduras; with seven great teenagers, Hugh Buyck and I led the way.

Our human mission while down there was to help build a wall around the children’s home. This home is lovingly operated by the Lamb Institute. As an aside,
Honduras is a powerful mission destination because God is blessing this nation. Though there is physical poverty, there is also a spiritual richness — a deep joy in hearts there that is infectious. Honduras seems to be God’s sandbox for training and sending. St. Michaelite children could see how most of the world lives and therefore witness life beyond themselves. Because we were with the Lamb Institute, we felt safe throughout with a trip that was seamless.

If our human mission was to build a wall, the divine mission was to live together as a holy community. Each evening during worship with just our team, someone would give their testimony. This is truly where I felt Earth meeting Heaven and Heaven meeting Earth. These amazing kids revealed with great vulnerability their joys, sorrows and everything in between. The presence of Jesus was palpable both in their stories and in those listening to their stories.

We have a special bond because of this that will never be forgotten. It was also special for me personally to witness these heavenly moments with my 16-year-old son, Christian. He and I had never been on mission together, so this was pretty amazing. I saw in him the power of the Holy Spirit at work. I’ve come home with the realization that getting away like this is critical for our souls, taking a step back and watching Jesus do his most amazing work.