Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Director of Family Ministry – Resumes accepted through April 22.

Overview:  Saint Michael’s vision is to transform hearts through Jesus Christ.  Consistent with our vision is our priority to successfully develop and implement a family ministry for all ages.  The Director of Family Ministry (DFM) leads and empowers families to be the primary Christian formation unit, in partnership with the church, by providing families with the necessary resources and support.  The DFM develops a variety of children, student, and family activities, implements curriculums, and provides bible studies to assist families in modeling Christian discipleship in their homes.  The DFM assumes primary responsibility for implementing those programs, including the supervision of subordinate staff members, nursery workers, and the recruitment and management of volunteers.  The DFM is also the public face of family ministry at St. Michael’s and is expected to know and interact heavily with family ministry stakeholders.  The DFM provides direction and corrective action to ensure all family activities align with the rector’s vision.  This is a fulltime and supervisory position reporting directly to the Chief of Staff.  Total Compensation Package $45-$60K.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Provide management oversight to, and annual performance assessments for, the Director of Children’s Ministry and Director of Student Ministry (responsible for the generation and updating of supporting job descriptions).
  2. Develop and implement First Communion curriculum to prepare 2nd Grade and older children, and their families for their first communion (provide program once per year).
  3. Provide all Baptism Preparation support (Counseling, Certificates, Candle/Bible, Bulletin Information, etc.)
  4. Provide all support for annual Confirmation classes
  5. Orchestrate Christmas Pageant ministry (oversee/assist Director of Children’s Ministry) including: Develop/improve pageant script;  Recruit mature, Christ-centered volunteers to assist with pageant activities; Recruit children to various roles; Team with Children’s Music Director and Organist to incorporate music with dramatic elements; and, Develop and monitor budget for ministry.
  6. Provide special Holy Week / Easter programming for children and students (e.g., Easter Egg hunt, Road to Resurrection or similar program)
  7. Serve as the public face of the family ministry at St. Michael’s and get to know family ministry stakeholders (e.g., parents, children, volunteers).
  8. Develop programming and strategies for growing student ministry
  9. Equip parents to be the primary disciples of their children, in partnership with the church.
  10. Actively participate in church events and holidays to help shepherd and empower families to partake in Christ-centered programs.
  11. Team with Family Worship Service captains and clergy to be the central point of contact and coordinator for all 10:30 chapel Worship Service needs for enhanced worship experience and to provide children’s programming during sermon of the 10:30 Sanctuary service.
  12. Implementation of Sunday School program for all ages using the approved teaching curriculum.
  13. Develop Wednesday night programming for families and children, and support orchestration of Wednesday night activities.
  14. Ensure Welcome Center desk is functional for benefiting Sunday morning activities. Responsible for all signage and for training personnel to support.
  15. Meet with Chief Finance Officer monthly to review all ministry expenditures to include those of Student and Children’s Ministries.  Ensure actual costs are within planned/approved budget.
  16. Attend weekly worship/staff meetings.

 Success in this Role:

  1. Discipleship ministry grows and expands.
  2. Family ministry is positively received by church body.
  3. Year-over-year growth in attendance of family ministry programs

Attributes and Skills:

  1. Personal commitment to Jesus Christ and pursuit of spiritual growth in the Christian faith.
  2. Commitment to St Michael’s Church and the vision of transforming hearts through Jesus Christ.
  3. Significant experience with, and calling to, family ministry
  4. Demonstrated track record of success in family ministry programming
  5. Significant experience with The Book of Common Prayer.
  6. Experienced in preaching and leading worship.
  7. Strong communication skills – oral and written.
  8. Positive attitude and friendly demeanor.
  9. Collaborative leadership style.
  10. Commitment to excellence in all tasks.
  11. Professional behavior in all circumstances.
  12. Reputation for integrity.

To Apply:  Please send resume/CV to randy@stmichaelschurch.net or call 843-724-7567 for additional information.  Announcement closes on April 22 – all resumes must be sent prior to midnight.