Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Did You Know?

She’s a lovely ole gal, isn’t she?  Our church has graced the skyline of Charleston with her fine lines and proportions for over 250 years.  And as you might imagine, it takes a lot of paint and some unusual equipment to get her painted.  The recent steeple painting by steeple jacks from Robert Morgan & Co. was amazing to watch, and the corner of Broad and Meeting found many people stopping and looking on with a childlike wonder.  Believe it or not, this group of professionals gave the steeple the best paint job she has had in recent memory at a savings of nearly $60,000 over the next lowest bid we received.  Still not cheap, but a wise use of funds.

Funding for the steeple painting this year came from The St. Michael’s Church Declaration of Trust (the “Trust”).  This Trust is a separate 501(c)(3) corporation currently comprised of two funds: the Foundation Fund, and the Education Fund.  The Education Fund supports members of St. Michael’s Church that are at seminary preparing for ordained ministry.  The Foundation Fund supports improvements to, restoration and maintenance of, and the care and preservation of the facilities, buildings, grounds and equipment which further the mission and vision of St. Michael’s Church.  It was this latter Foundation Fund that provided the monies for the recent steeple painting.

The Trust is funded largely by estate and memorial gifts.  Currently only a maximum of 5% of the average of the last three years’ ending balances may be granted for the above purposes.  Our hope is to grow the Trust to such a level that we will always have the resources to keep St. Michael’s standing tall as a witness to the Holy City and beyond.  You can be a part of strengthening the legacy of our lovely ole gal by remembering St. Michael’s in your will or making a contribution to the Foundation Fund.

~ The Rev. Mark Avera