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The Clinic Reaches a Major Milestone

By Dan McNeil

One of our goals for our 2017 Burundi mission team was to seek and secure final government approval for building a medical clinic in the town of Bugarama and to dedicate that land to the Gospel in Burundi.

Due to government instability and delays by government officials, we had waited nearly three years for approval. We were determined to secure an official document indicating the medical clinic could begin, if at all possible, while we there.

Ten acres of beautiful land, adjacent to a major roadway, was finally granted to PTI (our mission partner for the clinic in Burundi), who will oversee the project. Wanting to assure that this land grant from the Burundi government officials was final, we planned the dedication in a very public setting. The ceremony turned out wonderfully, we were so grateful to see God’s hand at work. A passionate and excited group of residents from the nearby community escorted us to the land a mere mile from the busy area of Bugarama.  Nestled in a developing area with a backdrop of the beautiful countryside was this 10 acres of land, so beautiful with vistas of the hills in the background. One can only imagine what God has planned for this land.

We were able to hold the dedication service with local officials announcing the lands use to all the residents. The reception resounded with joy, anticipation, and excitement. People danced and sang, prayers of thanksgiving were offered to our gracious Lord, and a pronouncement of dedication for the land’s use was delivered.

This was followed by a Burundian style groundbreaking, not a shovel turning over some soil, but an actual laying of bricks on top of each other with mortar to signify the initial building has begun. We prayed and glorified God with thanksgiving that the Lord has remained faithful, heard our prayers and now the official construction has begun.

In next steps, local officials are grading a road to the building site and extending water and power. Once this phase has been completed, PTI will start with building construction. A timetable has not been set, but we trust more details will come over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we ask that you pray with anticipation that the dream of a medical clinic serving the people of Burundi is underway and we will see God at work as it progresses.

Dan McNeil