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Christmas Flower Offering

If you wish to give flowers and/or greens to decorate St. Michael’s Church for Christmas, please send your check, payable to St. Michael’s Church, earmarked “Christmas Flowers,” to St. Michael’s Church, C/O Catherine Bowen 71 Broad Street, Charleston, SC  29401.

You may make a gift in memory of, or in thanksgiving for, family and friends.

Note: Please make a separate donation of your choice for each name being acknowledged.

Donate for Christmas Flowers Online: 

Go to www.stmichaelschurch.net/christmasflowers.

Please send phone or email Catherine Bowen, to let her know you have made an online donation, and for whom you wish to acknowledge for your gift.

Names will be accepted for publication through Friday, December 14

Greenery help needed: 

As we approach Christmas this year the Flower Guild would like to invite you to participate in the greening of the Church by donating greenery from your gardens.  If you have “Little Gem” magnolia, boxwood, or holly or other evergreens typically used at holiday time that are over-grown and need a little thinning out, please call Mary Scarborough 843-270-7117 to arrange a time for cutting, 6”- 8” pieces.  The cost of flowers and greenery has increased significantly over the past ten years and gathering plant material from our yards is an enormous help.  Thank you for considering this opportunity for giving out of your abundance!