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Christian Zadig ~ High School Student Ministry Honduras Mission 2017 Reflection

If I learned one thing from this trip, I learned of God’s redeeming power. From the moment we touched down in Tegucigalpa, I could tell there was a sense of joy. The poverty was enormous, but joy was abundant. As soon as we stepped out of the airport, we were met with smiling kids selling us gum and other products to make a little money. While these kids were in terrible situations, their faith in God has given them hope. It was the same way at the children’s home. The children had no problem befriending strangers who barely even spoke their language. From the beginning of our arrival at the children’s home, one small child named Angel kept coming up to me and wanting to play. It was incredible to see this four year old who has been through so much laugh, dance, and play. Whenever we had time to just be with the kids, Angel and I were always together. If it wasn’t for the Lamb the Institute, Angel could have grown up in the gangs, but instead he’s growing up in the faith. Honduras is a large example of how God turns terrible situations into amazing instances of his love. This trip, and little Angel showed me that there’s nothing God can’t redeem.