Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Serving Schedule

Who’s Serving the week of December 9 – 15

Vestry of the Month: Noreen Herring Altar Guild/Flower Guild: Group IV/Group IV Sexton: Angela Stanley _________________________________________________ 8:00 am Ushers: Charles Corley, Bill McCue Reader/Chalice Bearer: Sam Furr POP/Chalice Bearer: Frank Barnwell Prayer Ministers: Cynthia Straney, Molly Hull Coffee Host: Kate Marjenhoff _________________________________________________ 10:30 am Chapel Team Captain: Robert & Laura Gruber Worship Team: Laura, Celia, & Axel Gruber, Kevin, Ginny, Alexa, &…

Lessons and Prayers for Sunday, December 9

Lessons: 12-08-2018 800 am Service Lesson.docx 12-09-2018 1030 am Sanctuary Service Lesson.docx (1) 12-09-2018 1030 am Chapel Service Lesson.docx 12-09-2018 600 pm Service Lesson.docx (1) Prayers of the People: 8_00 am POP 12-9-18 1030 am Church POP 12-9-18 1030 am Chapel POP 12-9- 2018 There are no Prayers of the People for 6 pm, due to the Advent Evensong service.