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Why go to New Wineskins?

New Wineskins Global Mission Conference:  September 26-29 Better Together By David Richardson Is it turning out to be a St. Michael’s Family Reunion??? Could be! It looks like the largest attendance from St. Michaels ever! Our missionary partners from India, Bishop and Mrs. Probal Dutta and Raja Moses will join us. On Wednesday, September 25 Anglican Frontier Mission has invited St. Michael’s…


Global Impact Celebration (GIC) January 26 – February 2, 2020 Everyone is Called – From the Home, across the Street, Across the Sea ~  Get to know the St Michael’s Mission Partners ~  Find out how you can get involved ~  Mission is for Everyone, and Everyone can be on Mission ~  Many ways to…

New Wineskins Global Mission Conference

The New Wineskins Global Mission Conference will be held September 26 – 29 at Ridgecrest Conference Center, NC. Join your fellow St. Michaelites at the conference! Come meet missionaries, hear their stories, and find out more about Anglican missions across the world. For more info and to register, go to newwineskinsconference.org.

Mission Task Force Training, April 27, 2019

Compelling teaching from Stan Self about mission April 27 By Charles W. Waring III and Nancy E. Hardwick April 27 found roughly 30 St. Michaelites in the Kinloch Room and ready for training for mission. Stan Self came from The Mission Society in Norcross, Georgia to offer some compelling words for all attending. The Mission Task Force wanted to have those interested…