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Preschool Summer Bible Camps

PreschoolBibleCampPrayer_fiAges 2 – 4

8:30 am – 12:30 pm

$125 per student

JULY 17 – 20, 2017 Barnyard Bible Camp

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I can’t quote the exact conversations with Janey, but on the way to camp on the last day, she was asking me questions about the Gospel of Jesus and on the way home she was telling ME the Gospel of Jesus! She IMG_8781knows that Jesus died for her on the cross so that she may live with Him forever. Amazing! I could totally see the wheels turning in her head as we discussed the importance of his life on Earth and the gift of Grace given to us. It brought me such joy. Thank you thank you thank you!  — Katey

Thank you for putting on such a great camp and sharing the pictures!  Chase is having a ball. Please do this again next year and extend the age to 5 so he can come back for all of the sessions :).  Best camp of the summer!—Vitre

Just wanted to say thank you again for doing these toddler camps!! Arah came home everyday talking non-stop about the fun things you did. she obviously loved it and it blessed us to have something fun and IMG_8804uplifting for her to participate in at a young age!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!  —Whitney

A few things. I had Stewart ask me to pray with him tonight. He prayed that God would read him a story about Jesus and then he asked me to sit and pray with him. He asked to heal Jesus and hoped that he “felt better” he told us that Jesus is in our heart and talked about Kong Solomon, psalms 22,23 and first verse. I’ve never had my children speak this way and I am just so thrilled and humbled!  —Jacquline

Thank you SO much! For the shoe searching, and for such a precious camp! Just this morning, Henry asked if he could go to camp! Thank you for creating such a wonderful space for the kiddos to grow, learn, and have fun! —Liz