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Alpha Wednesday Evening

Fall 2018 SCHEDULE

Each evening begins at 6:00 pm at St Michael’s Church, Kinloch Room in the Belser Building — enter through St Michael’s Alley

Opening Night: Is there more to life than this? (Wednesday at 6:00 pm, 9/5) BBQ dinner!

Week 1: Who is Jesus? (Wednesday, 9/19)

Week 2: Why Did Jesus Die? (Wednesday, 9/26)

Week 3: How Can I Be Sure of My Faith? (Wednesday, 10/3)

Week 4: Why & How Do I Pray? (Wednesday, 10/10)

Week 5: Does God Heal Today? (Wednesday, 10/17)

Alpha Day Away (10/20)  Who is the Holy Spirit? / What Does the Holy Spirit Do? / How Can I be Filled with The Holy Spirit?

Week 7: Why and How Should I Read the Bible (Wednesday, 10/24)

Week 8: How Does God Guide Us? (Wednesday, 10/31)

Week 9: How Can I Resist Evil (Wednesday, 11/7)

Week 10: What About the Church? (Wednesday, 11/14)

What is Alpha?

An opportunity to explore the meaning of life! Alpha is about building friendships with people…about great meals…interesting discussion…answering perplexing questions.

Alpha is a casual, fun and fascinating course in the basics of Christianity. The course takes place over 11 weeks and involves three primary elements: A shared dinner, a talk, and small group discussion. Topics range from Who is Jesus? How and Why Should I Read the Bible? How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit, and what does that mean?

Why take the Alpha Course?

Both the theology and the philosophy behind Alpha serve as the DNA of St. Michael’s Church.

The message Alpha offers is 100% scripturally-based and waivers not an inch from God’s truth. However, the course also makes clear that we welcome you where you are.  Come and explore the Alpha course, make some new friends and share your point of view.

What steps do I take?

Alpha is “the gateway into St. Michael’s!” This is because the theology in Alpha is 100% in keeping with the Word being preached by our Clergy. As a result, it’s a great way for newcomers to discover where we stand on a wide variety of theological issues! We use Alpha as our unifying baseline across our faith community.  Alpha is offered both, in Spring and Fall! Our parish is committed to this ministry, and has been offering the Alpha course for more than 20 years.

Alpha is for everyone!

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