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Tom Acker on 4th Healing Prayer Mission to India

Dear Brothers and sisters of St. Michael’s Church,

I am pleased to report that your prayers and support for the Diocese of Durgapur, West Bengal India, are being multiplied by the Lord in incredible ways. The need is overwhelming; the poorest of people haven’t a chance to rise above mud hut life. Their existence is less than human, although they are extremely intelligent.

Grace Chapel Sarenga
Grace Chapel Sarenga

Thanks to Bishop Dutta, there is hope. The poor in India aren’t of any value, so human trafficking is easy and profitable for the evil people who work in this industry. With a second floor on St. Michael’s Safe House they can rescue more children. Education is key to helping these people that only the Christians seem to care about. People are coming to Christ, and being baptized in incredible numbers, considering they must get government permission to do so.

I must confess this is not an easy trip. The travel and schedule are grueling. The country is filthy. You can’t drink the water, the air quality is awful, hand sanitizer is necessary after you touch anything. If you aren’t called to go on this Mission, you’ll have a hard time. If you are called you’ll have a hard time, but it will be worth every minute. I wouldn’t hold it against anyone who went to India and never wanted to go back, but having said all this, I plan to go back early next year. Bishop Dutta is planning bigger festivals and wants me to help. I am honored and blessed to have the opportunity to make such a difference.

This is a Healing Mission, and the fact that our Lord heals is just expected, and the eternal benefits through the Gospel of Christ Jesus is the f

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