Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Toolbox for Sunday, April 10, 2016

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Title and Topic 

Restoration: How does the Resurrection Restore Hurt and Pain?

Transformation and Witness

The betrayal of Jesus by Peter takes our breath away no matter how many times we’ve read it. This kind of betrayal is one of the worst forms of pain. Yet after the resurrection, who does the angel call on from the empty tomb? The resurrection is the supreme source of healing for our pain.


1. Psalm 126          Restore our fortunes O LORD!
2. Jeremiah 32       They come weeping
3. John 21:15-19    The pain of betrayal (lectionary)

Teaching Questions/Ideas

Up In Worship
What are the people asking God to do in Psalm 126:1-6?
Where have you seen God bring forth the fruit of joy from a situation that caused weeping?

Into Community
What do people enjoy about reality shows as Fixer Upper, renovation projects, or old pieces of furniture that have been restored?

Read Jeremiah 32
1. Why is Jeremiah shut up in the court of the guard (1-5)?
2. How does the prophet respond to the strange thing God asks him to do and (6-15; 16-25)?
3. What does Jeremiah’s response teach about how God’s people should live in difficult times when He doesn’t seem to make sense?
4. How does the Lord answer Jeremiah’s prayer, and what does His answer reveal about His character (26-35; 36-44)?
5. How can discipline though painful be a good thing? What purposes does God have for disciplining His children (See also Hebrews 12:10-12)?
6. What has been taken from you or someone you love because of sin and idolatry? How does God’s promise of restoration encourage you?
7. What promises has God given you in great sorrow and pain that may be used to comfort to another?
Read John 21:15-19
8. How does the resurrected Jesus restore Peter from the shame of his denial, rejection, and betrayal of Him?
9. What about Christ’s restoration from the brokenness of sin helps you with a hurt you have experienced?

Out in Mission
What is God asking you, your family, or life group to do for His purposes that do not seem to make sense? How can we pray for God to make the truths learned today a part of our lives so that others may be restored?