Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Toolbox for Sunday, March 20, 2016

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Title and Topic 

Lent: Disciples Live in Obedience

Transformation and Witness

Yes, Obedience/Submission is a discipline! Defined, obedience is the ability to lay down the terrible burden of always needing to get our own way. How through obedience to Jesus can we walk differently from a world that seems to live an entitled lifestyle? Look at the obedience modeled in Luke 19, and then the obedience modeled by Jesus on the Cross.

The constant takeaway is this: People would know that Discipleship is learning to love, look and live more like Jesus.


1. Isaiah 50:4-9a
2. Psalm 118:1-2,19-29
3. Luke 19:28-40
4. Luke 23:1-49

Teaching Questions/Ideas

Up in Worship
How have you discovered that it is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man (Psalm 118:8)?
What marvelous thing has God done in your life for which you will thank and praise him (Psalm 118:23)?
Into Community
1. In what perplexing situation is God asking you to trust and obey Him?
Read Luke 19:28-40
2. What do you think is significant about the things Jesus said before going up to Jerusalem (28)? (See Luke 19:9-10, 11-14, 26-17).
3. What instructions does Jesus give his disciples, and how do they respond (30-35)?
4. Why do you think Jesus asks for a colt on which no one has ever yet sat? (See also Zechariah 9:9).
5. How would you define obedience based on this situation?
6. How do the people react as Jesus draws near to Jerusalem (36-39)?
7. What does Jesus’ rebuke of the Pharisees say about who He is?
8. In light of Jesus the King’s coming cross in Luke 23:1-49, what strikes you about this scene that we celebrate as Palm Sunday? (See also Isaiah 50:4-9a).
Out in Mission
The people’s blessing from Psalm 118 was sung at Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.
How would the words of this Psalm strengthen Jesus for his obedience on the cross?
How do they strengthen you for your mission as his disciple?
What difference could the way you carry your own cross and follow Jesus make in the lives of those around you?