Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Toolbox for Sunday, January 24, 2016

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Title and Topic

Epiphany 3:  What the Disciple Needs for Mission

Transformation and Witness

As we continue in this greatest missionary season of them all, we come to what is required to take on the journey of mission. It’s quite amazing to see not only what Jesus asks his Disciples to take with them, but also what he prohibits them from taking!

Today’s Takeaway: That our people would know what a disciple takes and doesn’t take on mission. Secondly, how all that leads us right back to our need for the Holy Spirit.

The constant takeaway is this: People would know that Discipleship is learning to love, look and live more like Jesus.


Psalm 8
Acts 13:4-12   Paul and Barnabas sent with Holy Spirit
Luke 9:1-6      Take the following with you…

Teaching Questions/Ideas

Up to God in Worship

What truth made a difference last week that causes you to praise and thank God?

How does Psalm 8 put our lives in perspective—as we consider who God is, his created order, and the work he has called us to?

Into Community

What do you need in order to feel ready to travel somewhere?

Read Luke 9:1-6
1. What does Jesus send the disciples out to do, and how does He prepare them?
2. Why do you think Jesus tells the disciples to take nothing for their journey (3)? See also Luke 22:35.
3. Think about and discuss what the items the disciples left behind mean to you. How might learning to travel light better equip you for the mission God has for you?
4. What does receiving or refusing the disciples of Jesus teach about the kingdom of God
(4-5)? See also Matthew 10:14-15.
5. Using these verses from Luke 9:1-6, what characterizes the life and mission of a disciple of Jesus?

Read Acts 13:1-12
6. What led the church in Antioch to send Paul and Barnabas on mission, and what can our churches today learn from their example?
7. What similarities and differences do you see between the missions of Acts 13 and Luke 9?
8. Why is Paul so forceful with the magician (6-12)? How is the miraculous judgment upon him appropriate? What is the result?

Out in Mission
How might the instructions Jesus gives and the example of Paul and Barnabas apply to our group as we seek to live on mission—in our homes, holy city, hurting coast and world?

Which GIC events will you participate in to lift up your eyes and see that the fields are white for harvest (John 4:35)?