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Toolbox for Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Title and Topic

Christmas 1:  What Young Samuel and Young Jesus Teaches us about Discipleship

Transformation and Witness

As the season of Advent is 4 weeks long, the season of Christmas is 12 days. Through Advent we looked at discipleship through the lens of ‘3’ critical people in the life of Jesus. Today, we look at the early life of Jesus, and what he teaches about Discipleship. We will also look at the early life of Samuel and what both actually teach us about discipleship. What are the traits of such children disciples? Isn’t it interesting when we think of disciples, we think of adults? What about children, what is needed in a child to be a disciple?

Takeaways today: Children are disciples too! As mentors, parents, and Godparents, how can we train them up?

The constant takeaway is this: People would know that Discipleship is learning to love, look and live more like Jesus.


Psalm 148                      What do they teach

1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26    Samuel as a boy

Luke 2:41-52 (L)            Jesus as a Boy


Teaching Questions/Ideas


Discipleship always involves the unexpected. – N. T. Wright Luke for Everyone

How has God used the unexpected to shape you recently?

Read 1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26

1. How had Samuel been prepared for a life of “ministering before the Lord” (See also 1 Samuel 1:20, 26-28). How can you prepare the children in your life?
2. What is significant about Samuel’s growth compared with Eli’s sons? (See 1 Samuel 2:23-25)

Read Luke 2:41-52

Luke is the only gospel writer who includes this story about young Jesus. As you read and discuss, consider Luke’s purpose for including it.
3. What do you find significant about the age of Jesus? The setting of the Passover?
4. What do you learn about the parents of Jesus in verses 41-45?
5. How does Jesus astonish both those who know him and those who don’t know him (46-48)?
6. What does his response to Mary in v. 49 reveal about Jesus?
7. Why is it important that Jesus was submissive to his parents in the mission God had for him?
8. What does Mary’s treasuring these things in her heart teach us about how we are to respond when we don’t understand Jesus?
9. How does the submission of Jesus with his subsequent increase help you when those in authority fail to understand God’s leading in your life?


How will being aware that Jesus can be confusing to both those who know him and those who don’t know him help you in the mission of making disciples?